Academics and Research

Although academia and research could be considered the default career path choices for scientists, particularly those choosing to study beyond their initial bachelors degree to masters and even PhD, there are many misconceptions. In this section we feature black female scientists and leaders who are driven by passion and have willingly chosen this route.

Through sharing real personal experiences, we provide insight on how to venture into academia and research as a career path and, debunk common misconceptions or stereotypes. By sharing real and relatable journeys we hope that you can learn about the variety of choices and opportunities available in this path and are inspired for your own career journey.

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We asked Nkhensani Mogale what it REALLY feels like to be a lecturer and she tells us everything.

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There are not many young female scientists in lecturing and leadership positions within South African higher institutions. This lack of representation can therefore be discouraging for emerging scientists who would like to pursue this career path. How did Nkhensani find herself where she is in her profession today? Find out here.



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BWIS alumni and contributing author for our student debt and finances series Mendy Lisa Ndlovu, shares on the important impact her career in Agrometeorology and Climate Science have on agriculture and food security. We also find out more about her personal endeavours to use her knowledge and research work to uplift communities in South Africa. This BWIS is an inspiration to all of us.