Women assume a critical role in the upholding and development of the African household, society and economy, they therefore play a pivotal role in strong positions of leadership. There is a need to produce female leaders who are well integrated within different aspects of society to ensure that all needs are addressed. Black Women In Science aims to sustainably enhance the experience of the black female scientists and promote growth, development and leadership.

Who is a BWIS Fellow?

BWIS fellows are well-rounded individuals who embody the holistic image of the modern female scientist. These are female scientists who are passionate about their post-graduate studies, show dedication towards learning and developing their skills and have an enthusiasm to assume positions of leadership within their communities. She is an ambassador for the organisation. For more information on BWIS fellow criteria and requirements, click here.


BWIS Fellowship Programme

Registered BWIS student fellows are integrated into the fellowship programme. This programme aims to develop the academic, professional, business and personal skills of female scientists through training events hosted throughout the year by professionals in the field. Fellows are also engaged in a social responsibility project to encourage sustainability, leadership and project management. BWIS fellows are also engaged in a number of mentorship activities throughout the year, including some In partnership with NRF SAASTA. Find out more about of projects, training events here and here and view photo’s of our previous events in our gallery here.

Alumni Association

Fellows are also expected to effect positive social impact within their communities by serving in the BWIS Alumni association after their experience.