International Mobility Fellowship


The BWIS International Mobility Fellowship is a 1 week, short-term student experience limited to 10 select female BWIS student members registered in a South African university. These students are ambassadors for BWIS and pioneers for our programme, having successfully completed all tasks required for our fellows.

BWIS will select 10 Black Female Scientist who will have the opportunity to be a part of an exchange programme. Applicants will be selected based on qualification and excellence in science and academia. The aim of the programme is to provide and encourage international engagement from our female scientists. 

Black Women In Science International will be in partnership with a European University and identify academics specialising in scientific fields relevant to the specific research projects of the selected BWIS Exchange fellows. Students will be given an opportunity to liase with an academic sto work with for the week from the list of potential supervisors  or hosts depending on their specific field of work.


Compulsory to attend all of our training sessions.

Must be a registered science Masters student or PhD candidate.

Must display a need for additional skills development and international exposure for  research project.

Student must show a good academic standing.

Enthusiastic and active BWIS member.

Excellent BWIS personal profile.


A selection committee will analyse the applications and students will be notified of their success via email. It is then the student’s responsibility to contact the international hosts and prepare a plan of action.

Costs Covered by BWIS

Return Flights



Travel Insurance

Visa Costs (passport costs are not covered)

If you would like to apply, further information will be provided in the training sessions and events. Please ensure that you attend. All registered BWIS members will also be given a document stating the specific criteria, requirements and timelines.