Funding your studies is not always a simple feat. With the prevalence of students protests and movements like South Africa’s “Fees Must Fall”, governments’ efforts to subsidise or in some countries, eliminate student fees all together, the topic of student finances will always be relevant. Many graduates begin their professional careers on the wrong foot, having incurred years worth of debt to attain their education. How do we fund our studies and decent livelihood in the process? 

We try to answer this question and many others by sharing the personal experiences of BWIS who have been through or are in the process, offering advice and solutions. 

Student Debt, let’s talk about it.


BWIS alumni and PhD candidate Mendy Lisa Ndlovu details her personal experience of financing her studies and the strain of incurring student debt. Finding yourself in such a financial crisis as your start of your professional career can be discouraging. Find out how Mendy is working on easing this financial burden and still continuing to pursue her studies here.

Where to search for student financial resources?


Unsure about how to finance your studies? Where do you start your search?

BWIS has compiled a brief list indicating some of the financial resources available to students, this includes scholarships, bursaries and loans both local and international. We’ve also shared search engines that will lead you to more extensive lists and a few tips and tricks to help you along the way. Find the list here.