Our “Featured Vlog Scientist Series” is a BWIS international feature. This is an initiative where we highlight research in a particular discipline of science in order for us to spread awareness about the different career opportunities available and areas of specialisation. We feature African post-graduate students or researchers studying internationally and provide the public with realistic insight of what goes on in their day to day lives, showcasing both academic and non-academic activities. This is conducted in the format of candid video interviews and uploaded on social media platforms, easily accessible to the public.


Must be an African post-graduate female student in the field of science at an international university.

Applications are currently limited to students within Europe.

Must be able to provide access into their laboratory or office space (permission to film necessary)

Students specializing in uncommon fields will be given preference.

Name: Manti Radingoana

Field: Engineering

Specialisation: Material Science

Higher Institution: Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier

Level of Study: Doctorate

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